How consistent is the wind in Hood River?

The Columbia River Gorge is a windy place. We reschedule less than 8% of our lessons because of a lack of wind. The wind is extremely consistent June to September. In the spring as well as into the fall the wind may blow three weeks out of four.

How cold is the water?

The last half of April the water will be about 52º. It is comfortable with a warm wetsuit, hood and booties. May 15th the water hits 62º and by September 1st the water will be near 78º. Lot of days in September no wetsuit is needed!

What should I wear/bring?

Your lesson includes a ProMotion wetsuit, Dakine harness, Gath helmet, Cabrinha kite, and Lightwave board and safety gear. If you already own a wetsuit and/or booties (lightweight wetsuit only from June-September, heavier suit all other months) feel free to bring your own.

How many lessons will I need to learn to kite?

If you have skills that lend themselves to kiteboarding (board sports & sailing sports) or are an exceptional athlete you will most likely progress faster, but in general new students need from three to five lessons to reach a skill level where they are ready to safely kite independently of an instructor.

How old/young do you need to be?

It’s not the student’s age, but the student's weight and decision making capability. It’s hard to control a kite if your body weight is less than 65 pounds, so that tends to be the minimum weight we recommend. A kiteboarder makes decisions of similar importance to a mountain biker riding down a steep hill or a driver in a car so it requires good judgment to stay safe. The young person needs to be able to make quality judgements in order to be a safe rider. At the other end of the age range we have successfully taught lots of students in their 70's.

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